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About Us

Tortuga Bay Trading Company is an international trading company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Our goal and mission are to bring back genuine good quality products at reasonable prices with great customer service. We want to know our customers even though many of them live thousands of miles away and even in other countries. All our customers are particularly important to us.

Tortuga Bay Trading Company started from a series of family-based businesses through decades of generations. Our family origins in Florida date back to when St. Augustine was originally settled in 1565. Some of our ancestors were traders (also more commonly known as pirates), they used Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas once it was abandoned by the US Military in 1874, as a trade center to buy and sell merchandise. The descendants of these traders settled in Key West, Florida where they established numerous local businesses such as shipwreck salvaging, restaurants (much like Pepe’s Café and Steakhouse) and cigar manufacturing, throughout the Florida Keys. On Labor Day in 1935 everything would change as the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall obliterated the Florida Keys, destroying Henry Flagler’s railroad. The first category 5 hurricane to hit the United States, with winds of 200 to 250 miles per hour, killed hundreds. Over 200 World War I veterans that were working on the overseas highway to link the keys, also perished that day.

The railroads would not be rebuilt, and the cigar companies were forced to move to Tampa Bay. Many of our family businesses were also forced to move to Tampa Bay where they rebuilt their business in Ybor City (a suburb of Tampa Bay). Some of our family businesses remained in the Florida Keys, of which are still in operation today.

Our family recipes became popular family restaurants providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to the cigar factory workers. Upscale Latin-based Caribbean restaurants also flourished in Ybor, such as the World-famous Columbia Restaurant, where our grandfather Orlando Morejon, served as “Executive Chef” for nearly 30 years before opening his own restaurant. Orlando Morejon was also the “Executive Chef” at his brothers’ restaurant “Latam” which was a Tampa landmark for decades and at Valencia Gardens. Our family’s restaurant businesses flourished into several other areas such as catering and the apparel business which manufactured clothing the sold to retailers such as JCPenny and Macy’s.

Today Tortuga Bay Trading Company is a combination of our vast family businesses ranging from our apparel, our spices and rubs, jams, coffee and outdoor equipment.

Our goal is to earn your trust and provide the best shopping experience possible from the comfort of your home. We specialize in homemade products, each of the products that we manufacture are made by hand without the use of mass production equipment. And although this form of production is more expensive it also produces better quality.

All reviews are confirmed and verified purchasers of the products that we sell. We encourage everyone who purchases one of our products to provide a review of the product along with photos.

We thank you for visiting our site and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us. Our customers satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.